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AIRBASE - Vintage Aircraft



AIRBASE - Vintage Aircraft

Douglas DC-6

An unforgettable flight.

If you're looking for a memorable visit we have it all and can facilitate many curriculum areas. Home to an impressive display of world-renowned aeroplanes you will experience a fascinating journey. The museum is a must for anyone studying engineering and science.

We are not here to just preserve our aviation heritage but to inspire the next generation.

We can help you learn and understand how it all became possible.

Aviation has connected the entire world, no-where is beyond reach and these magnificent machines have made all this possible. Their ability to fly thousands of miles over land and sea has enabled us to take vacations in exotics places, explore architecture and experience different cultures, aid has been delivered to help poverty in the 3rd world; cargo such as clothes and food reach us within hours; internet shopping has become our first means of hassle free shopping at competitive prices and we’ve gone to war to help other survive. Now…imagine the world without the existence of flight! 

Help to inspire the engineers of the future and contact our corporate events team today at to book your educational trip.