If you feel that you have been working hard on your lawn, but something seems to be missing to make it look perfect and beautiful. Then you should try practicing your edging and trimming techniques. This is the perfect way to give your garden a nice, sharp, and clean cut look for you garden that people will be envious of you.  

Edging and Trimming are synonymous, but in mowing they very distinct features that give the little details and big lift when it comes to the final output. When you edge your lawn, you are literally targeting the edges or the ends of the garden which are usually right beside a hard surface and giving them a nice clean cut. When you do edging, you can expect the grass to look clean but surroundings may be a bit dirty will all the dirt and debris that was left behind. 

With trimming, you basically use scissor-like tools and trim anywhere you like whether it be on the edge or the middle of the lawn. This is more of a details tool and you can target certain grass patches and even grass strands that seem to stand out awkwardly. You won’t have to deal so much with the dirt with this one because you control what you and how much of the grass you want to cut. 

A lot of people get the misconception that the grass clippings on the lawn are garbage. Do not follow the trend of sweeping it all together and dumping it in a trash can. The clipping of the grass can act as the natural food that your grass can take advantage of every time. You do not have to worry about a single thing when it comes to that, just make sure you trim enough so that your lawn doesn’t overflow with grass clippings. 

Be careful when you use the lawn mower or other cutting tools for your lawns. Thousands of people a year always suffer from cuts or accidents related to gardening tools. That is why it is always important to study the equipment, double check the status of your lawn mower, use protective wear for your body, and keep them out of reach from children and animals. 

When you have a tress right in the middle of your garden, try not to mow directly around the circumference of the tree. A lot of times you will bump it by accident or even intentionally if things get heated up between man vs tree. When you are faced with this situation, it will nice to use trimmers that carefully cut the grass and leave the tree unharmed without any scratches. 

There is a lot of tips and suggestions that you can use to make your gardening safe, efficient, and progressive. But the best way to find those out is through personal experience. Put yourself out in the garden as much as you can and you will figure out what ways best suits you to be the most productive.